Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dixie Chicks - Not Ready To Make Nice

I'd kinda forgotten about this song until this morning when the video came on Palladia. This song, in my opinion is absolutely timeless. It was released at a very dark time in the girls' career but most of the time the best art comes out of the worst places. The video is extremely powerful and a full compliment to the song. I don't think Natalie's vocals have ever been so powerful, but again when you are singing about something that is important to you it's gonna have a much different feel. I have always loved the Dixie Chicks because through out their entire career they were sort of thumbing their nose at the Country Music industry and letting them know they were goin to do it their own way and if you didn't like it, you could step out of the way. It wasn't until their politics got in the way of their art. But I guess you have to live and learn.

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