Thursday, November 2, 2017

Justin Utley - Survivors

As a potential candidate for the 2018 Eurovision contest, Justin Utley has released his newest single; an uplifting story of survival and growth. "Survivors" is a gorgeous ode to overcoming obstacles. It's about knowing the power in your own life and drawing on that to be the best version of yourself. This song is a bit of a different direction in music than what we are accustomed to hearing from Justin and it's gorgeous. It's an up tempo, dance influenced song that just makes you feel good and you don't lose any of the heartfelt performance that Justin has worked on crafting and expressing in his recordings.

There's always something very personal and very honest about what he releases. His voice has the ability to be big and full when it needs to be and small and gentle. He is theatrical and he's atmospheric and he fills up all the space he's given with his talent. I've known Justin for a while now and it brings my heart much happiness to hear him recording again. Especially when you've got a song that is going to be as important as this. It's going to touch a lot of people and give voice to experiences that are universal that we may not have had the words to express. And I think that's what makes music so important. It gives us the ability to share in universal experiences with people in a manner that connect us all together. That bring us closer to one another through a guided and curated experience that may only last 4 minutes and when that tour guide is someone as skilled as Justin; it's a good thing. You know you are in good hands and you know that you are going to come out on the other side stronger and more confident than you were when you started.

I really hope this gets selected to be in Eurovision because the world needs to be exposed to the beautiful message that Justin has to offer. He is one of the most powerful advocates I've ever known for equality and his story is important. Check out his other music and learn about him. You will be better off because you did.

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