Thursday, March 30, 2017

Little Mix - No More Sad Songs

Almost 2 million views in 14 hours. It's crazy to me that they aren't bigger than what they are in the United States. They should be mega stars but America just has not caught on like they should. Little Mix has been burning up the European charts since their debut on The X Factor in 2011. Single after single, they are steadily growing as a group and steadily maturing in their sound as young women. They know who their demographic is and they write and record music for them. This is a feel good, go out with your best girl friends anthem and have a good time kind of song. All the girls sound amazing. The song is very well put together and it's undeniable that it's not a break away hit already. I think using Machine Gun Kelly was a smart decision instead of G-Eazy because MGK actually has talent and pulls off the swag he exudes. I adore Little Mix. I will always adore them and I hope this song gets some recognition in the US.

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