Saturday, June 27, 2015

Brenda Bennett - Guiltier

Longevity isn't something that is the norm in the world of pop or dance.  And now with home studios across the world, there are new artists popping up like their being churned out of factories so when you actually get a cut from a an artist that's got some history and staying power to their career, it's pretty fantastic especially when that artist is none other than 1/3 of 2 of the most loved girl groups of all time, Brenda Bennett.  You may know Brenda from her time with Vanity 6 or Apollonia 6, both groups created by Prince but what you may not know is that she has had a prolific career as a recording artist throughout the past handful of decades.  She's not stopped recording music and as she's matured, she's only gotten better and better.  Her voice is strong and powerful with a conviction that you don't get out of mass market, over produced, throw away pop stars of today. 

Guiltier, one of her more current singles, is a fantastic confrontation song about a relationship gone bad.  It's amazingly catchy and easy on the ears.  It's got great production and it does an awesome job of showcasing her vocals and her prowess as an artist.  It's a message that, unfortunately, is timeless as we all have had instances in our lives when we may or may not have had cause to think something just isn't right in our relationships and what a better way of expressing those feelings than through music.  You see the changes.  You know the warning signs are there and it's time to do something about it.  You may be angry about the situation, but this song will help express those feelings in a much more energetic manner.

It's a pleasure to hear Brenda singing and I look forward to talking about more of her music in the very near future.

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