Friday, March 6, 2015

Midnight Boy - Don't Say No

Sweden is a magical place.  I've talked about it for years as they have a seemingly endless supply of amazing pop stars in the wings.  I don't know if it's the water or the climate but something continues producing these brilliant singers and performers.  In this years Melodifestivalen, which is Sweden's annual competition to determine who goes on to represent the country in Eurovision, Midnight Boy's entry titled, "Don't Say No" unfortunately failed to make it through his semi-final but the song rocketed to the top of the iTunes chart showing the fans really loved what he did.

"Don't Say No" is one part magic, one part excess, and an all out amazing representation of what an homage to the 80's club scene is all about.  At first listen, there's a bit of Dead or Alive but that's not now, nor ever has been a bad thing and I think there's definitely some Pete Burns influence to not only his aesthetic but this song as well.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with paying tribute to a specific artist of a time period and I think that as long as you're honest to the source material, then it stays an homage and doesn't filter over into the realm of parody.  This song has the glitz, the glamour, and the cheekiness level is over-the-top to make sure that it's a proper representation of all things 1980s.

Midnight Boy has an impressive back catalog of tracks as well that prove that he's not simply a flash in the pan.  I feel that his appeal has the ability to move beyond the boundaries of the Retro Future genre because the performance is solid and the production is solid.  The song is built exceptionally well.  It's catchy and gets into you before you know what's hit you.  It's definitely a song that you want to hear in a club being pushed through a massive sound system and I think to hear him perform it live would certainly be a pleasure.  I am going to stick close to him as I think he's going to be a fan favorite across the genre.

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