Wednesday, January 21, 2015

KIT - No Mercy

With punk sensibilities and a track length that is all business, KIT's new single, "No Mercy" starts off with a very introspective lead in and then fires into this blistering rapid fire rant letting you know just who and what you're messing with.  I think where this song draws it's power from is that part of you and your life that has just had it, officially.  You've said and done everything you can to avoid a conflict but you've been pushed further than you care to be and now, it's time to let them know what's up.

We've all been there.  We've all tried our damnedest to be civil but there's that one person that just pushes your buttons.  You've explained that your calm has been damaged and that you are at the end of your rope but try as you might; they just keep coming for you.  And now, as you stand over them and see their broken form; they'll realize.

Kit Walters is one of my favorite male vocalists in the past 10 years because there is just a stripped down honesty to his voice and how he knows exactly to use his instrument to get every bit of power or emotion out of his lyrics.  He's thoughtful and exceptionally giving as an artist because you know what he's feeling as he sings.  You can hear every nuance and subtle moment in his delivery.  The first time he utters, "No Mercy" - I'm sold.  Hook, line and sinker.  The man knows how to give us what we need.

Debuting the song on Diffuser was a stroke of genius as it's going to reach even more people and expose them to what Kit has to say.  This track is a bit of a departure from their "Through The Fire" EP but it's an amazing example of his range and versatility.  Electro Rock is awesome and I dig the hell out of it too, but there's something genuine and real about some down, home guitar rock that hits you right where you live.  I think there is a universal appeal to this track that they may not have received if it was more synth heavy.  Don't get me wrong, I love synth pop/rock/dance etc etc; but there are times when I just need raw vocals and powerful guitars and this track certainly delivers all of that.

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