Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tom Kiesche - I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

Actor, Performer, and Closet Singer Tom Kiesche first appeared to me as Clovis in season 2 of Breaking Bad (which I am currently binging) and even though his appearance in the show is minor compared to other actors, there was something that drew me to him.  I then checked his IMDB and his Facebook and was pleasantly surprised when I came across this video.  His version of Elton John's, "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues" is simply amazing.  He gives more in the 3:50 of this song than most modern pop artist give in an entire album.

When you watch him sing this stripped down, bare version of the track and you see the expression and emotion on his face it's near impossible to not have an emotional response to what he's giving.  You see on his face that he's pulling from somewhere, there's someone that he's singing to and he means every word that comes out of his mouth.  Every nuance of his performance is purposeful but not forced.  He's not acting, he's just being.  When the edges of his mouth curl into a smile at "laughing like children, living like lovers" you see that means something to him.  You know that there is a connection to a memory and that comes through in his gorgeous masculine voice.  I listened to this track earlier today and it's been with me since and it's more than likely going to be with me for quite a bit longer.

Some people have made a "Brokeback" reference based on the denim shirt that he's singing with/into which is an easy mark to make and if that's what sells the song for you then so be it.  It's the emotional depths and authenticity he's willing to dive into that make this video everything to me.  I got to know more about Tom Kiesche in this video than I will ever get to know many pop stars.  It's an emotional vulnerability that so many people, men especially, are terrified to let out.  The look of longing in his eyes, the way his voice wavers; this is what pop music should sound like.  Don't get me wrong, I love my dancing girls and synth pop but an album of this would sustain me for so much longer.  I guess it's like comparing cotton candy for dinner versus a porterhouse.  They both taste good in their own right but one is going to stay with you for a lot longer and you'll be more satisfied in the end.

All I know is whoever is the focus of this song is a lucky person to have someone be this honest with them and to that person, You have a damn good man.  Don't fuck it up.

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