Friday, June 7, 2013

Nadia Nair - The Bon Voyage EP

I've gushed about how the music from Sweden is near perfect.  Each and every artist that releases an album, an EP, a single or even a remix seems to be better than the last.  So imagine my expression when I found Nadia Nair.  This woman can do things with her voice that most artists dream about and she has only released her very first unsigned 3 track EP titled, The Bon Voyage EP.  Nadia hails from Gothenburg on the western coast of Sweden and has spent the majority of her life working toward the goal of becoming a powerhouse in the music industry.  Through many years of study, Nadia finally hit the nail on the head when she met producer Victor Rådström in 2012.  Together they worked tirelessly to create her debut EP, The Bon Voyage EP and have released it independently to an anxious and receptive audience.

The EP has three songs that are sexy, they're full of drama and they are flat out incredible.  It starts out with "Monika the Brave", this really cool guitar heavy track that showcases Nadia's vocals flawlessly and an easy introduction into what's to come.  It's a great pop song with an incredibly catchy hook and chorus that you'll easily be singing hours later.

"Kharma" is up next and it starts off very dark and atmospheric.  The instrumentation is pretty heavy in this track but in order to not get totally overrun by Nadia's powerhouse vocals.  You need to make sure she has plenty of room to work because her voice is going to dominate everything in it's way.  The breakdown on the hook is one of the coolest things I think I've ever heard.  Victor is a genius with his programming because everything he does is matched by Nadia and they work amazingly well in tandem.

Closing out the EP is the title track, "Bon Voyage" which she has previously released as a single.  It starts off acapella and it actually shows restraint on her part.  But then the music kicks in and everything becomes intensified.  Again with a driving guitar and heavy beats, Nadia tears this track up.  The fact that her style is a bit heavier and more on the rock and roll side of pop music gives her an edge that other artists don't have.  She is going to be received by a wider audience and I predict will have more commercial success.

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