Monday, March 14, 2011

secrets (episode 23)

Episode 23 came out today and here is a spoiler free breakdown of the episode.

Until recently, Donovan has been more concerned with what's the best for everyone else but recent events have changed that and we get to see more of his dark side. I hear they have cookies on the Dark Side so it can't be that bad.

Marco, still my least favorite homewrecker (still not happy with him breaking up Keith and Tyler) and Gina are trying to locate Keith.

Keith is trying a little good old fashioned Stockholm Syndrome on his Johnny's new watchdog.

I like the direction Donovan is going and I like the fact that Damien has the ability to throw enough shade to pull this off like it's a cakewalk.

secrets is still my favorite new obsession and I wait every week to see the new episode. Trust me when I say, shit is gonna get good, y'all.

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