Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Go! Team

This is another artist that was recommend to be because I liked some other artist. Right now the jury is still out for me because I am just learning about them. I have their most recent album, Rolling Blackouts and I've listened to it. I need to listen a couple more times so that I can make a proper judgement but right now I will say that is sounds like a marching band and a cheer leading squad ran into each other while filming a 70s action sequence. That's a good thing. It's unusual and in most of the songs, really fun. I know they are a British band which immediately moves them to the front of my line. They have a handful of instrumental type tracks on the album which kind of works like the pickled ginger you get with your sushi. It cleans your palate and gets you ready for the next song. I will check back when I have another go with the album and give a proper review but for now, enjoy the video and check them out on youtube.

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