Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Unplugged from the Matrix

I know this isn't music related but after some contemplation and some recent events, I felt it was time to deactivate my Facebook Account. While this decision was primarily selfish and to promote a better state of being and frame of mind for myself, as I have become far too dependent on it, my friends felt otherwise. And it was that outpouring of support to stay and be "One of Us" that made me realize that I was making the right decision. Facebook had proliferated every facet of my life. I was spending hours upon hours a day on the site and that's not a good thing. I was letting petty drama build up and fester in front of my face and it became all consuming and was affecting my feelings of self worth and self esteem and that's a huge problem.

My friends were worried that we would never talk again and that was our only line of connection. This amazed me because the majority of those people have my cell phone number, they have my home phone number and they have my email address. Hell a goodly percentage know where I work and my home address. So that idea that we would never speak again because I wasn't part of Facebook anymore just amazes me. How reliant have we become on that technology? Don't get me wrong, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't experiencing some DT's right now and I know that all I have to do is type in that URL and it will be all good. It took me 5 trys last night to actually type in the Captcha to actually delete the account and I think there was quite a bit of hesitation on my part because I really didn't want to delete the account.

So if you follow me on here, then you may have a little better insight as to why I've done what I have. I bet my friendships are going to suffer, as they have been already, and I feel that the friends that are really there for me and want the best for me will rise to the top and we won't miss a beat and keep on doin what we've been doin. Those people that had our friendship all tied up in the bonds of Zuckerberg's famous machine, I guess it was nice to know you and I hope you can see just how far down that rabbit hole goes.

Goodbye Facebook

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