Tuesday, February 8, 2011

James Leon

As an aspiring music blogger, I get really amazed when an artist makes contact with me. Minding my own business a handful of days ago, I received an email saying someone new was following me on twitter. I checked out the follow to make sure it wasn't a robot, found out it wasn't and started following too. I sent him a DM to let him know I appreciated him following me and would be happy to check out his work. Much to my surprise, I got a DM back and he asked if I would like him to send me some music to check out. About an hour later, I got an email with 3 tracks.

After spending some time with his music because I feel that's the only way I can make a fair determination of whether or not I want to share it, I can say that Neil Tennant should feel a bit of happiness because there is a definite homage to the Pet Shop Boys throughout the tracks.  I think that with time and proper backing, James could do big things.  There is a raw unfinished quality to the tracks that gives them a feeling of realness and not something that is just cookie cut out of a mold.  I appreciate that because it makes it more easy to identify with the fact these are real songs that came out of a real person not some corporate machine that produced them as a pay for play type deal.  I think his music would sound amazing coming out of a throbbing sound system at a club and I could see him playing live at G-A-Y

He has a soundcloud where his tracks are uploaded (Link) and I recommend taking a trip over there and checking him out.  I recommend Caught Up In Your Vanity as it's my favorite of the tracks.  I'm gonna keep an eye out of for James because I hope big things will come his way.  I'm gonna try to score an interview with him and if I can get it nailed down, you guys will be the first to see it!

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