Friday, July 12, 2019

Alus - Fuck Nudes, Send Me Your Playlist

So I adore this song for a ton of reasons. First and foremost....the idea behind it. Connecting on a level that means so much more than just physicality. A body is a body is a body. Some are more attractive than others. Some are more unique than others but once you've seen one naked person, there are only a few variations on the base model. Now, a can learn a ton about a person based on what they're listening to. I mean, come on. You're sitting here on a blog about music...of course you're going to get a definite opinion about a song about music.

New Jersey born Alus, is a musical legacy herself as her grandmother played violin with Frank Sinatra's Rat Pack so music and creativity is in her blood and you can hear it in her sultry vocal styling. She reminds me so much of 90s soul and R&B and that's an amazing achievement because there was so much great music during that time period for female vocalists. She's putting a new spin on dating with this track as she's telling you to skip over all the small talk and get into the nitty gritty. It's a smooth, soulful track that is sexy as hell and it's gonna get a lot of people's attention. I dig her for being bold and just letting it all hang out. It takes a strong, powerful woman to tell you exactly what she wants and needs and I think that it's a conversation that needs to happen much more frequently.

Stepping back into her original tracks catalog shows so much depth and power to her voice and I think she has so much more to her than just being a flash in the pan or releasing a song like this strictly for shock value. She's got an incredible breathless quality to her voice that a lot of people could potentially compare to Ariana Grande but there's so much more to her than that and she shouldn't be immediately be pigeonholed into a category like that. I think she's incredible and I want to see and hear much more from her.

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