Thursday, July 27, 2017

Kesha - Learn To Let Go

Being a part of Kesha's catharsis is going to heal a lot of people. As she continues to release single after single from "Rainbow", we are drawn deeper and deeper into her healing and her process of becoming whole again. She's not been able to release new music in over four years so it stands to reason that the singles from "Rainbow" would be rapid fire. "Learn to Let Go" is the latest single and it's an amazing ode to the advice we are so easily and willing to give other people but damn near impossible to do ourselves. We get to see Kesha reminiscing over her childhood and see pieces of herself that she's probably not shared with the world before. She's open. She's honest and she's letting us into her life more now than ever. It's a really great song that just makes you feel good by the time it's done and I think a lot of that is due to our own healing and growth as we are all learning more about ourselves every day.

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