Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Eli Lieb - Shangri La

I realize there's a lot of near nudity in this video but it has nothing to do with sexuality. It's an expression of vulnerability and being emotionally raw. This song is so evocative of emotions we've felt on some level. Losing ourselves in someone else. Being at the power of desire and longing. Forgetting who we are in the grand scheme of being with someone. All of those things are intoxicating when we get wrapped up in wanting someone and being with someone. Losing all of who were are for even the briefest of moments makes us swoon and become breathless. Baring all that we are for someone is terrifying and it's all encompassing and it's abrupt; like the end of the song. I love how the song just stops. It's jarring and some times we experience that too. The stop at the end of the long fall as we've fallen into someone. Eli's voice is so sublime in this song. It's earthy and raspy and full of hope with a twinge of desperate longing. He's naked. He's exposed. It's gorgeous and I adore this song.

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