Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Nick D' & The Believers - Bang Bang

Columbus Indie rockers, Nick D' & the Believers have quickly become one of the bands I am most likely to stalk for the rest of the year in order to see them in concert because they are just incredible.  They call themselves Garage Soul and I get that genre and I would say they were very close to other indie groups like Walk The Moon, Young The Giant or The Black Keys.  This song is just full on fun.  The falsetto in Nick's voice is a perfect compliment to the crunchy bass line and indie sensibilities.  There's a spot where the harmonies come together around 2:56 that solidified my love for this group.  When the harmony is that solid for even 2 seconds, it's an even win for everyone.  Not to mention they continue to harmonize through the rest of the track.

I've got Paul Reynolds of myfizzypop for the heads up on this group and it always cracks me up when a UK blogger introduces me to a band that's based in the US.

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