Friday, August 16, 2013

Liquid Diet - Writing On The Wall

I love entendre; single, double, none at all. I think that it takes a tremendous amount of intelligence to properly write an entendre. You don't want it to be smutty for the sake of being smutty. It has to be smart and it has to make you go, "Oh you...." after you realize what it is that has just been said. Billy and Georgia are two of the most competent vocalists in the industry today because their chemistry is palpable. It’s got weight and a depth that can’t be faked. You trust the vocals because they allow you to.

This song is full of wit and leaves nothing to be desired. It’s well thought out and brilliantly produced. I think they’ve done a phenomenal song that makes you smile and have a great time. They are one of the most creative and individualistic bands today. I am glad to call myself a fan.

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