Monday, December 9, 2013

Just Like Humans - Just Like Humans 2013

Are you tired of just reminiscing about how great Kraftwerk and Nitzer Ebb were and want to hear something that takes that feeling but modernizes it?  Just Like Humans is a project created by San Diego producer, Kevin Hartmann that taps into his musical roots based in early 70s and 80s electro and creates something that is familiar but new at the same time.  It is an easy fit into the Retro Future movement that is happening right now and will make any Gen Xer electro fan the happiest person you've seen them in a while.

The EDM scene right now is so full of people that go out and purchase some software and cobble a couple of not so great tracks together but it still takes a massive amount of talent to use that software and use it well.  This album isn't just a rehash of things you've heard before and it's not all loops and samples, it's a carefully crafted album that when you  sit down and listen to the tracks, you get a fully realized concept that has a bit of edge to it and in some places; a bit of darkness and unease.  Not super creepy but enough to think that this maybe the music that Skynet enjoys listening to.  I think that Just Like Humans is one of the more inventive groups that have come on the scene and I'm super happy to have found them.

This album is fantastic.  There isn't a track on it that's not put together well and exceptionally thought out.  It's music like this that inspires me and makes me realize how important music is and how even electro has the ability to generate emotions and feelings when it's done well.  It can paint pictures and it can make you remember things or daydream.  For example, "Individual Throttle Bodies", a song that I didn't even see the name of until after my first listen made me think of this super cool car chase scene but in a sci-fi movie in the 80s.  Let's go back and add a hyperreal chase to Blade Runner with this as the soundtrack.

Go follow him on the various social media outlets listed below.  Take a look at his birthday suit on Instagram :p And more than anything, support indie artists because they are the ones that are actually scoring our dreams.

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