Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Introducing Jhameel

Ephemeral, airy, elemental, primal.  These are just a few descriptors to adequately classify the music that Jhameel creates.  It's like mercury in your hand as he slips and moves from one song to another.  A crash of cymbals or a thundering piano solo, this music is so different than anything else you've listened to.  It has an organic quality that allows it to be what you need and what you want in that explicit moment in time.

I ordered his entire discography off his website because it's amazing music and he deserves to be supported.  I can't say enough how cool the two albums (His Self Titled Album and The Human Condition) I've received so far are. (I haven't received the third because it's not been released yet ^_^).  His voice is so distinctive with a quiet power that at any minute could just shift and become something full of power and resonance.  At some times his music is strictly art and lives in a place where it transcends musical boundaries and fully embraces the avant garde and at other times it can touch you in places totally unexpected.  I am glad I have had the opportunity to get to know Jhameel's music and I can't wait until his next project so that I can be more inspired by him.

He's done a series of covers on youtube and I chose his cover of T-Pain's "Buy You a Drink" because I think it is an amazing showcase of his talent.  His story is pretty amazing to read, transforming from a very conservative Christian into an Indie Pop Star all by the way of a US Army Scholarship to Berkeley.  So excited to have another new artist I can listen to, especially one that helps me challenge what I believe in.

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