Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meet Ryan Lill

This is Ryan Lill. He shared with me on Google + and I've been listening to him this morning. I am a HUGE fan of guitar/vocal type music. Jay Brannan is one of my all time favorite artists and Ryan reminds me of him a bit. This is Ryan's cover if "Hometown Glory" by Adele and while his arrangement doesn't stray too much from the original, his voice brings subtle nuances to the song that make it his own. Hometown Glory was the first song by Adele that I ever heard and it's probably my most favorite of all of her songs. With a voice like his and the passion he puts in his music, I want to see him go far. I am going to continue to follow him and support him because I feel he is well worth my time. Give him a listen and see how you feel about his music.

p.s. here is his cover of Landslide....another one of my all time favorite songs.

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